Boots is one of the most iconic brands in the UK, trading since 1849. It’s well known for being a health and beauty retailer/pharmacy but the brand had become ‘dated’ and ‘old-fashioned’.

Working closely with Coley Porter Bell and Alex Andlaw my task was to help liberate the logo from the restrictions of its 1960’s lozenge shape. Adding in more craft and giving the logo freedom to expressive itself.


The logo has changed very little over the years so it was important to hold on to such a rich heritage.


The previous logo had many imperfections and the large cross stroke of the ‘t’ was too dominant and no longer necessary.

Initial exploration involved redrawing and refining.

More expressive, contemporary wordmarks were also considered.

The curves have been drawn with the utmost precision – the logo is going to be blown up to a huge scale! But consideration was also taken into its use at a smaller scale. The overlapping curves have been opened up to allow the logo to breathe when sizes are restricted.

Under the direction of Coley Porter Bell and Alex Andlaw

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