The Norton Motorcycle Company is a brand of motorcycles, originally based in Birmingham, England. The business was founded in 1898 by James Lansdowne Norton as a manufacturer of fittings and parts.

Daughter Studio were tasked with bringing new awareness to the brand and I was commissioned to help reinvigorate the logo. The brief was to build on what they have but to take it on a new journey.

The original logo was designed by the founder and his daughter over a family meal so it was important not to lose such a rich heritage.

Step one was to make what they had work harder. Without losing any ownable assets of the logo it was redrawn with simpler, more streamlined forms. This provided a good foundation to explore other elements.

I looked at re-introducing elements inspired by its heritage as well as pushing with more expressive, contemporary wordmarks.

Designed under the direction of Daughter Studio

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