Tim Hortons

I was commissioned by Kenyon Weston to design a custom typeface for the restaurant chain Tim Hortons.

The typeface is based on their existing logo drawn by Geoff Halpin and Turner Duckworth. Creating a joining script style is always a challenge given all the potential letter combinations, especially when the character set has to cover English, French and German languages.


Contextual alternates were created to appear as the text is set.


A large amount of ligatures and contextual alternates were built in order to make it possible to join all the letters in any given combination. We also had to consider letters with diacritics, developing two and three letter combinations.

Included in the OpenType feature are glyph substitutions as well as options for use at the end of a word. All these features go towards making the font retain the original hand written nature of the logo.

Designed under the direction of Kenyon Weston.

Huge thanks to LetterJuice for their support with the typeface.